Come To Bonaire

 Bonaire is part together with Aruba and Curacao of the Sotavento Islands and belongs to the territories of the European Union, specifically to the Netherlands. Because of this and due to its location, its population is very varied, having inhabitants of the nearby countries such as Venezuela, Colombia and the Dominican Republic, but also of the United States. On this island whose capital is Kralendijk, the official languages are Papiamento (the language spoken in Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire) as well as Dutch or Dutch. The main attraction of the island are obviously its beaches where you can dive, windsurf or snorkel. Bengue Beach or Karpata is one of the most famous beaches. Inside the island you can see saltwater lakes, among them Lake Goto, where you will see flamingos, since there live about 20,000. This paradise of crystal clear waters is ideal to visit with the whole family, since you have a variety of activities. In addition to the aquatic ones you can go on an excursion around the island to know the town of Rincón, the tree of life and the crystal clear mountains of Bonaire that they say are some of the purest in the world. And if you are all terrain, you can take the tour in Moto quad, those include a guide, water and gasoline for the motorcycle. You can also meet the butterfly farm, a natural spectacle, because you can observe the butterflies around you and see their reproductive cycle. Visit also the Washington Slagbaai National Park and the different places where you can have panoramic views such as:

• Gotomeer - beautiful view and usual place to contemplate the Flamingos.
• For Mira - perfect view of the Rincon Valley.
• Alta Mira - panoramic view of the leeward and windward sides.
• Sero Largu - panoramic view of the island.
• Willemstoren Lighthouse - at the extreme south point of Bonaire.
With respect to food Bonaire offers a wide gastronomy that goes from Dutch and Colombian food to Chinese, Italian, Indonesian, French and German food. Do not forget to try the island's own food consisting of different types of stews, fresh fish, funchi and rice.
In terms of accommodation, Bonaire offers a wide variety of hotels and resorts that are located near the beaches for greater enjoyment and comfort of the visitor.